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RAEES Vs KAABIL Box Office Opening Comparison

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RAEES Vs KAABIL Box Office Opening Comparison, KAABIL Review & Crtitics Rating., RAEES Review and Critics Rating

Raees vs Kaabil box office clash was considered to be an equal battle. However, it has turned out to be a one-sided affair as far the opening is concerned.

Raees is way ahead of Kaabil in Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It also has a lead in Nizam/Andhra while Hyderabad circuit will be a close call. Meanwhile, Kaabil is lagging behind Raees in all of the big circuits. There will be a big gap between Raees and Kaabil in most of the circuits as the former will have almost double collections.

The best performing circuit for Raees is West Bengal where it may set an all time record despite being released on non-holiday. While Kaabil is better in down South.

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