Large Numbers of Manpower Available for General Contracting & Maintenance Shutdown Work

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Categories of Manpower Availability:

1. General Contracting & Maintenance

(Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Technicians, Labors, Pipe Fitters, Welders, Maintenance Technicians, Plumber, Cleaners, Janitors, Tea Boys, Safety Engineers & Officers)

2. Industrial Inspection Work

(NDT Techncians, NDT Level-3, NDT Consultancy, NDT Certifications, PCN Certification, Inspection Engineers, Welding Inspectors, NDT Inspectors, Refractory Inspectors, Coating Inspectors Radiography Safety Officers, RSO Consultancy & etc.)

3. Engineering & Workshop Division

(Welders, Fabricators, Supervisors, Engineers, Inspectors, Mechanical Inspection Engineers, Electrical Maintenance Technicians, Electrical QC Technicians, Rewinders & etc)

We have all above mentioned categories available all over world to immediate mobilization any where any time

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E-Mail ID : bascodblog@gmail.com