House Sand Painting | Kinds of Colored Sand Painting | Sand Painting Art for Kids | MUAAVYA

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House Sand Painting | Kinds of Colored Sand Painting | Sand Painting Art for Kids | MUAAVYA


Dear friends, hello…in today’s video i will show you how we can make colored sand painting on paper, actually all this material is coming ready made from the stationary shop which are very easy to find.


Once you have all the available material which i explained you in this video, only the thing is required is your personal skill and your polish work that how you can make all these painting on your paper.


Actually if you see the that the paper which is already coming with various themes and designs which you can select during your purchase from the market. Also the main importance of that paper is this paper is coming which self sticky material which make our painting easier.


Once you remove part by part the stickers from the paper you have to be careful that first you finish that part which sticker you have removed.


After completing one segment then go for other parts and follow the same procedure.


As I explained you that during making color selection you have to follow the ready reference which comes with the sand painting kit. However there is certain procedure we have to follow which have mentioned here step by step as below:


01. Pick up the part which you want to paint

02. Sprinkling colored sand on that part

03. Sprinkling deep color sand first, then shallow the color sand

04. Mixed pigments may deploy all kinds of colors


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