GK-180 Drilling Rig)

Core Drilling Machines, XY-1Core Drilling, XY-1A Core Drilling Rig, XY-1B Drilling Rig, GK-200 Drilling Rig, GK-180 Drilling Rig Available to Supply All Over the World thru BASCOD Advertisers.

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Core Drilling Machines, Core Drilling Rigs, GK-180 Drilling Rigs, GK-200 Drilling Rigs Available to Supply All Over the World thru BASCOD Advertisers

Manufacturing: Genuine and Reputed Manufacturer & Exporter

Comodity: Core Drilling Machines (XY-1Core Drilling, XY-1A Core Drilling Rig, XY-1B Drilling Rig, GK-200 Drilling Rig, GK-180 Drilling Rig)

Quality: The Best Among Internatoional Suppliers

Popularity: Well Known

Export: Manufacturer & Distributer Will Arrange

Price: Very Competitive

Technical Specifications:  Video Presentation ‘or’ Document File

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