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Large Numbers of Manpower Available for General Contracting & Maintenance Shutdown Work

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Categories of Manpower Availability:

1. General Contracting & Maintenance

(Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Technicians, Labors, Pipe Fitters, Welders, Maintenance Technicians, Plumber, Cleaners, Janitors, Tea Boys, Safety Engineers & Officers)

2. Industrial Inspection Work

(NDT Techncians, NDT Level-3, NDT Consultancy, NDT Certifications, PCN Certification, Inspection Engineers, Welding Inspectors, NDT Inspectors, Refractory Inspectors, Coating Inspectors Radiography Safety Officers, RSO Consultancy & etc.)

3. Engineering & Workshop Division

(Welders, Fabricators, Supervisors, Engineers, Inspectors, Mechanical Inspection Engineers, Electrical Maintenance Technicians, Electrical QC Technicians, Rewinders & etc)

We have all above mentioned categories available all over world to immediate mobilization any where any time

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All Types of VISA Consultancy & Processing Available From India to Any Country

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All Types of VISA Consultancy & Processing Available From India to Any Country

  1. Work visa under the sponsorship of companies and institutes
  2. Work visa under personal sponsorship(servants and others)
  3. Tourist visa
  4. Business visa
  5. Visa for GCC residents
  6. Visa for companions of GCC nationals
  7. Work visa
  8. Lorry drivers’ visa
  9. Multi-visit visa
  10. Visit visa for family members
  11. Visit visa for wives and children

Visit Visa           Dubai Visa           Qatar Visa

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