Women Claimed to Physical Relations with ALIENS and Have Their Kids

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Women Claimed to Physical Relations with ALIENS and Have Their Kids, Sex with Aliens and Prodcues their Kids is True?, Human Relations with Aliens, Inside America’s secret community of MERMAIDS where men and women identify as part human part fish  and one gave up her job so she could concentrate on it full-time.

Women (Aluna & Bridget) speak of their ‘hybrid children’ who live on spaceships after ‘super primal’ alien sex

A group of women in the USA believe they have ‘hybrid alien children’ who live on giant spaceships.

They claim the aliens chose them because they are young and fertile with strong genes, and abducted them for sex.

Bridget Nielson and Aluna Verse both claim their offspring live with their fathers on giant spaceships, but say they don’t regret being chosen because the sex was the ‘best they’ve ever had’.

They are part of the ‘Hybrid Baby Community’, a group who believe extraterrestrials harvested their DNA to create a super-species with the best of alien and human characteristics.

The two women said their sexual encounters were real intercourse, but conceptions can also happen through artificial insemination – but only to people who on some level ‘want to be taken’.

Both say they have struggled in the real world because of their alien encounters.

Bridget said: ‘I don’t really have normal relationships any more. This has become my normal. I know people who are married or have boyfriends and when they tell them it goes down badly.’

She added: ‘There is a sadness because you can’t be with them (the hybrid children).

Members of the Hybrid Baby Community hope to find a place far from the city to live together, where the children will feel safe to visit.

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