Who was Taimur? तैमूर कौन था? Who was Timur?

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Who was Taimur? तैमूर कौन था? Saif & Kareena Son’s Name Taimur, Who was timur lung? Who was taimur lung? Is taimur was handicapped? Saif Ali Khan second wife son’s name taimur? Why taimur name is become India’s big controversy? Kareen’s first son name is taimur, why Saif Ali Khan Patodi keep his second wife son’s name taimur? Is taimur was normal thief? Is taimur was cruel? What is the real history of cruel king taimur? Why taimur become beheader? Why taimur become cruel? Is taimur was from Uzbekistan? Why Taimur become in India? Is taimur defeated by any king ever? Was Timur Hero or Villain? Who was Timurlung? Timurlung from Uzbekistan? What is the difference between Timur & Taimur? Why media looking Taimur angle with Timurlung? Is it really fair to link timur name with taimur? Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan have named their son Taimur Ali Khan. This is what the name means? There are really big differences of two name spellings Taimur and Timur? Who is taimur ali khan patodi?

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