How can make your Single SIM Smartphone as Dual SIM?

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How can make your Single SIM Smartphone as Dual SIM?

Now A Days People do use more than one SIM cards for making their calls and internet in one smartphone but if your smartphone doesn’t support dual SIM facility then some how its very  difficult to adjust it in your single SIM smartphone, well in today’s market there many smartphones are available with hybrid system in which you can use one SIM in one slot and in another slot either you can use another SIM or memory card but suppose if you want to use your smartphone with 2 SIMS and 1 memory card then in this situation you think you bought wrong smartphone.

But dear friends don’t worry about it now I have brought a trick by using this you can make your single SIM smartphone as dual..


Question is here…
How can we use single SIM smartphone as dual SIM??

Here I will explain you step by step how you can use it.

1.Open Google Play Store in your single SIM smartphone.

2.Download & Install TextMe application.

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3.Now open this application and fill your name, email ID & your mobile number which you want to use as dual SIM or another mobile number.

4.Now if you want to call from this mobile number then go to message icon which is available on the top of this application.

5.Then select that mobile number where you want to call and the same thing you can follow for the messaging purpose.

So I think now you understand how you can make your single SIM smartphone as dual SIMs.


1.TextMe application is totally free.

2.This application is available in 40 countries.

3.You can utilize it for free calls and msgs.

4.You can do free international calls using this application.

5.This will be chargeable if you want to add more than one mobile number.


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