Rescued African lion demands blankets to sleep on

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Lion 2

As a household pet, Lambert was used to his creature comforts – especially blankets to sleep on.

It was all very well when Lambert was a small lion cub, but as a fully grown lion it is slightly more problematic.


Lion can't sleep without blanket

Lambert was born in captivity and bought by an unnamed man as a pet for his children, aged two and three.

When the family was unable to keep him, Lambert was taken into care by Vicky Keahey, the founder of Texas’ In-Sync Exotic Wildlife Rescue and Educational Centre.



But rehousing Lambert, who was too tame to be released into the wild, was challenging.

A conventional lion’s paddock was not to his liking, Ms Keahey said.

‘We had heard from the previous owners that he slept in the bed with the grandfather.”


This prompted Ms Keahey to experiment with a blanket – which Lambert seized with alacrity, Mail Online reported.

Since moving to the Texas rescue facility, Lambert has learned to eat raw meat like his wild counterparts, Lambert will not give up his blankets and sleeps with them every night.