5 Biggest VASTU Mistakes

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According to ‘Vastu Shastra’, the way in which our home affects every part of our lives, the same way the choice of plants kept in our house has certain positive and negative impact on our lives. Sometimes, unknowingly, we keep those plants in our house that generate Vastu Dosha affecting our life.
Today, we are going to tell you about those plants you should never keep in your house.

Thorny Plants

According to Vastu Shastra, thorny plants and those plants, bring bad luck in personal and professional life as well. However, thorny plants like roses can be kept at home provided they are placed in balcony or terrace. 

Plants that Leak Milky Fluid

Plants that leak milky fluid when cut or chipped should not be used to decorate home. These plants generate negative energy around.

Fresh Flowers

For positive energy to always float around you, change the old flowers in your vase with the new ones everyday at home or at workplace.

No Flowers in Bedroom

Avoid keeping any kind of plants in your bedroom. This may hamper your married life.

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants should not be kept at home. They are considered unlucky in aesthetic sense. They tend to attract excess sunlight and stench too. 

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Deepak J. Prasad