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    deepak3305 said:
    February 21, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Today I was asked a question by a gentleman as below and replied:

    Question: What is NCR and how it can be define in engineering field
    My Answer: NCR is a common word, which is used by every standards and organizations to identify the deficiencies in the Process, Product & Services:

    Engineering could be a part of Process; Product & Services so pertaining to any deviation or negative observations will lead to Major or Minor NCRs.

    Difference between Major or Minor NCRs

    Major NCR – Entire Procedure not followed
    Minor NCR – Procedure followed but not followed the updated or revised one.

    Committee who is raising the NCRs against any department or section ask to close the NCR in the below approach:

    1. Formation of Investigation Team (To decide the RCA; CAPA & Awareness)
    1.1 Root Cause Analysis (Reason of the NCR)
    1.2 Corrective Action (To correct the non-conference immediately)
    1.3 Preventive Action (To remove the reason or root cause from the system permanent)
    1.4 Awareness/ Message circulation (Which action is taken during CAPA have been aware among the
    Involved people so that the reason should be identified and eliminate permanently)


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